Home of the Brave

Home of the Brave - (2007)

Three soldiers struggle to readjust to life at home after returning home from a lengthy tour in Iraq.

Release: 03/01/2007

IMDB: 5.6

Genders: Action, Drama, War

Countries: USA, Morocco

Subtitles: 22

Time: 106 min

Updated: 3 months ago

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Queen of the Desert

Queen of the Desert - (2016)

Release: 03/01/2016

IMDB: 5.6

Genders: Drama, History, Biography

Countries: USA, Morocco

Subtitles: 37

Time: min

Updated: 6 months ago

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L'ennemi intime

L'ennemi intime - (2009)

A drama following a French platoon during Algeria's war of independence.

Release: 10/02/2009

IMDB: 6.9

Genders: Drama, War, History

Countries: France, Morocco

Subtitles: 15

Time: 111 min

Updated: one year ago

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The Objective

The Objective - (2008)

A military special operations team, led by a CIA case officer, are on a mission in the harsh and hostile terrain of Afghanistan where they find themselves in a Middle Eastern "Bermuda Triangle" of ancient evil.

Release: 04/24/2008

IMDB: 5.6

Genders: Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller

Countries: USA, Morocco

Subtitles: 47

Time: 90 min

Updated: one year ago

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Hidalgo - (2004)

In 1890, a down-and-out cowboy and his horse travel to Arabia to compete in a deadly cross desert horse race.

Release: 03/05/2004

IMDB: 6.7

Genders: Action, Adventure, Western

Countries: USA, Morocco

Subtitles: 60

Time: 136 min

Updated: 2 years ago

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Traitors - (2014)

Malika is the leader of the all-female punk rock band Traitors, with a strong vision of the world, her hometown of Tangier, and her place in it. When she needs money to save her family from...

Release: 04/20/2014

IMDB: 6.4

Genders: Drama

Countries: USA, Morocco

Subtitles: 2

Time: 83 min

Updated: 3 years ago

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The Patrol

The Patrol - (2014)

Written and directed by former soldier, Tom Petch, 'The Patrol' provides the antidote to the war action film. A psychological drama, the film explores the relationships between a group of British soldiers as they grow disillusioned with the Afghan war.

Release: 02/07/2014

IMDB: 4.3

Genders: War, Action, Drama

Countries: Morocco, UK

Subtitles: 10

Time: 83 min

Updated: 3 years ago

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Stranded - (2010)

A platoon of French soldiers on a rescue mission in North Africa confront invisible evil creatures.

Release: 08/11/2010

IMDB: 5.2

Genders: Mystery, Horror

Countries: Morocco, France

Subtitles: 16

Time: 103 min

Updated: 3 years ago

English N/A (3 years ago)

English N/A (3 years ago)

Arabic N/A (0 seconds ago)

Brideshead Revisited

Brideshead Revisited - (2008)

A poignant story of forbidden love and the loss of innocence set in England prior to the Second World War.

Release: 08/15/2008

IMDB: 6.7

Genders: Drama, Romance

Countries: UK, Italy, Morocco

Subtitles: 25

Time: 133 min

Updated: 5 months ago

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Othello - (1955)

The general Othello is manipulated into thinking that his new wife Desdemona has been carrying on an affair with one of his officers Michael Cassio when in reality it is all part of the scheme of a bitter lieutenant named Iago.

Release: 09/12/1955

IMDB: 7.8

Genders: Drama, Romance

Countries: USA, France, Italy, Morocco

Subtitles: 14

Time: 90 min

Updated: 7 months ago

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