Subtitles for Kashtanka (1952)

A cute doggy with gypsy soul found temporary work in a creative environment.

Release: 01/01/1952

IMDB: 7.4

Genders: Animation, Family, Short

Countries: Russian

Time: 30 min

Updated: 5 months ago


List subtitles for Kashtanka (1952)

Dutch Kashtanka.1952.NL 6 months ago 1 8.3KB Een schattig hondje met zigeunerziel vond tijdelijk werk in een creatieve omgeving.
English Whitebrow.2010.EN 5 months ago 1 2.6KB In the forest stood a hut, next to a barn, and around a fence of stakes. The guard lived with his grandson Vanyushka. They had a puppy Belolobiy, and in the barn - chickens, sheep, a horse. It was already a month of March, but the snow lay around and frosts were standing. The old wolf had recently given birth to wolf cubs, weakened and could not hunt.
English At.a.summer.villa.1954.EN 5 months ago 1 3.3KB Dachnik Yiddish receives a note from a mysterious stranger with a proposal to meet in the gazebo. After hesitating, he goes on a date. There he meets student Mitya, who received the same invitation. There is a quarrel. Youtivshaya wife Vykhodtseva explains that this is a joke, invented to send men out of the house where the floors were washed.
English the.pince.nez.2010.EN 6 months ago 1 5.3KB Two teenagers Antosha and Dasha were sent by the parents to the village for a summer visit to relatives who lived in an old house. From boredom, Anton suggested slazit to the attic to look for treasures, Dasha agreed.
English A.prosecuters.son.saves.the.king.2009.EN 6 months ago 1 2.8KB Prosecutor Yevgeny Petrovich Ivanov returned home from service. In the doorway he was greeted by the housekeeper Natalya Semyonovna and complained that his little son Seryozha was smoking, and took tobacco in his father's table.
English He.oversalted.1959.EN 6 months ago 1 4.5KB A screen version of a humorous story by Anton P. Chekhov about a cowardly traveler who frightened the coachman with tales of his alleged cruelty, because in fact he himself was afraid of unknown robbers and the same coachman.
English Kashtanka.2004.EN 6 months ago 1 4.7KB A cute doggy with gypsy soul found temporary work in a creative environment.
English Kashtanka.1952.EN 6 months ago 1 8.1KB A cute doggy with gypsy soul found temporary work in a creative environment.
English Vanka.Zhukov.1981.EN 6 months ago 1 1.8KB A nine-year-old boy is in desperate need to convince his grandfather, his only relative (a wayward character, who seems to be totally indifferent to the boy's fate), to take him back to his country home. Stealthily, he writes a letter to describe the unbearable life he leads in the house of the shoemaker Alyakhin, whom he serves as an apprentice for, suffering from hunger, abuse and humiliation.
English The.death.of.a.governement.clerk.1988.EN 6 months ago 1 2.3KB Ivan Chervyakov, a petty government official, while in the theatre, sneezes right upon the head of a man sitting in front of him, who happens to be General Brizzhalov, a high-ranking government official. He spends the evening and the next day fawning before his sneeze victim trying to extract forgiveness, but what he succeeds instead is only bringing out a fit of rage in him.
Russian Na.dache.1954.RU 5 months ago 1 3KB Дачник Выходцев получает записку от таинственной незнакомки с предложением встретиться в беседке. Поколебавшись, он идёт на свидание. Там он встречает студента Митю, получившего такое же приглашение. Возникает ссора. Явившаяся жена Выходцева разъясняет, что это шутка, придуманная для того, чтобы выпроводить мужчин из дома, где мылись полы.
Russian Chelovek.v.pensne.2010.RU 6 months ago 1 6.1KB Двух подростков Антошу и Дашу родители отправили на лето в деревню в гости к родным, которые жили в старинном доме. От скуки Антон предложил слазить на чердак искать клады, Даша согласилась.
Russian Vanka.Zhukov.1981.RU 6 months ago 1 2.1KB В рождественскую ночь девятилетний Ванька Жуков, переехавший три месяца назад в Москву и ставший учеником сапожника Аляхина, пишет письмо своему дедушке. Поздравив Константина Макаровича с праздником, мальчик начинает рассказывать о жизни в чужом доме.
Spanish Kashtanka.2004.ES 6 months ago 1 5.1KB Un lindo perrito con alma gitana encontró trabajo temporal en un ambiente creativo.
Vietnamese Cai.chet.cua.mot.cong.chuc.1988.VI 6 months ago 1 2.7KB Hành trình đi tìm sự cảm thông của công chức quèn Ivan Chervyakov bắt đầu từ cái hắt hơi vào ông quan lớn nào đó tên Brizzhalov.